For Landlords


Easily list your property and create rental applications specific to your requirements.  Cross post your property and application to other property listing sites.

Instantly generate contracts specific to your property and it’s requirements. Send the lease over to the potential tenant electronically for an immediate signature.

Keep tabs on the tenant with our app. Monitor expiring leases, unhappy tenants and rent payments all in one place.


Low-fee payment of rent and other property bills. Manage rent and other utility sharing programs across multiple tenants and multiple units.

Automatically generate an interest-bearing security deposit account that the properties deposit goes into. Automatically pay back out returned security deposit at the end of the lease once a walkthrough has been completed.


Tenants can submit maintenance requests, and landlords can manage their progress as they fix the issue. Keep a detailed inventory of property equipment, and schedule preventative maintenance.

Instantly contract out the request to local trusted vendors. Setup annual maintenance like air filter replacements or hedge trimming.

Frequently Asked Questions

RentEasy charges a flat 5% fee on all transactions through the app. This means that RentEasy is free for both the tenant and landlord.

Coming soon.

You can list just about any rental. Single-unit single-tenant, single-unit multi-tenant and multi-unit multi-tenant are all supported.